2010 Waiting List

Jenni Page
Jayme Bales
Nancy Acevedo-Cosio
Donna Collins
Jennifer MacGregor-Lohman
Sandra Ochoa
Robyn Shaw
Tara Oliver
Iona Morton
Marcy McMenis
Jenny Bregenzer
Jodee Leader
Monica Dupuis
Heidi Keene
Hope Hartman
Carrie Markham
Eileen Ellis
Jo-Laine Duke-Collins
Megan Arbuthnot
Blanca Carlson
Justina Boatright
Krista Landenwich
Jen Schmalz
Chrissie Barcelona
Jessica McCrary
Amanda Groce
Christy Youtzy
Nina Flores
Kimberly Bui
Stephanie Hodnette
Michelle Graybeal
Michelle Thornton
Mandy Pryor
Danielle Ford
Annalisa Jasper
Allison Youngblood
Jacki Butler
Nicole Bartkowiak
Amy Gulmann
Tiffany Powers
Kim Reynolds
Julie Spurlock
Tori Baisch
Kasey Sartin
Jen Trocchio
Jaclyn Underwood
Amy Pugh
Eileen Madrigal
Sara Bell
Heidi Snyder
Liza Centieo
Shannon Davey
Dana Murdock
Kelli Rye
Andrea McHugh
Sonja Russell
Melissa Violich
Bridgett Edwards

Want to get on the list? Email me at polkadotsandpirates@gmail.com. It requires no payment as of now. It does not guarantee that I will be able to accommodate, but I will contact you after 11/1/09 once I decide on the amount of work I will take on after the new year.


I am Mom to three, Wifey to one, 3rd Grade Teacher to 25, and Partyware Designer. I love photography and interior design...both jobs I think about pursuing on almost a daily basis, but am happy doing them as hobbies for friends and family for now. I prefer laughter and Diet Coke over sleep for energy...though this doesn't make my husband OR my mother happy. I live in Minnesotan suburbia, though I dream of returning to my rural roots.


Due to the discontinuation of several of the papers used in my current girls line, effective immediately the new papers below will replace the pink, orange, and blue polka dots that are shown in the pictures on my site. The overall look, quality, and colors will remain the same as the paper shown in my current pictures. This is the same line of papers used in both the POLKADOT COLLECTION for BOYS and the CIRCUS COLLECTION.

Thank you for purchasing your Polkadots & Pirates! This list will give you an idea of where we are at as far as orders and when your order is expected to ship. Your name and items will go on the list once I receive notification of payment clearing.

I am CURRENTLY COMPLETELY BOOKED FOR 2009. I realize this sounds completely crazy...don't worry...it does to me too!! I plan to take December off from PD&P to be with my family and my November is completely full. Ihave returned to my job teaching 3rd grade this fall, so I have decided to wait until after NOVEMBER 1st to take any new bookings for 2010 so that I can decide how much work I am comfortable taking on. In the meantime, if you'd like to get on a "wait list" of sorts, email me. This does not require any payment or obligation and does not guarantee that I will be able to book your party. I will go in order and contact people after I have decided how much work I will take on.


I am hoping that this will eliminate some of the "checking up" emails that I often get (though I totally understand why you are sending them!), so that I can use the time to work on your orders instead of emailing you about them.

Thank you so much for your patience and for believing in my products enough that you will wait for them.

In production:

Sara B. - Ship by November 8
Retainer Fee...Items TBD

Coming up:

Courtney C. - Ship by November 15th
10 Custom Invitations
1 Door Sign
1 Cake Topper
1 Crown
4 Party Hats

Melissa Z. - Ship by November 27th
Retainer Fee...Items TBD

Invitations and Thank Yous:

Polkadots & Pirates was created due to a bit of a crazed obsession with my kids' birthday parties. I am that mom up at 3 am making party decorations or planning the next year's party the day after the last one is over! I don't believe they have to be the biggest or the best, just something that both you and your child enjoy.


My daughter's 2nd birthday party was polka dot themed, the theme of my first collection. My oldest son had been talking about his next birthday party that was still a year away and wanted it to be pirate themed. After months of toying with the idea...Polkadots & Pirates was born!


As of right now, I am only selling the themes that are available in my shop. You may wonder, then, how I can still keep blogging about custom items. Because they are what I enjoy the most, I am still doing custom items for people I know...my friends, family, and a few former customers who really were supportive when I started my business last year. I hope to one day be doing custom projects for the public, but the time involved is enormous and I need to devote more time to my husband and little ones. Because I am not doing custom orders, I know that people have been making their own little PD&P inspired projects...please give a shout out where one is due! I love, love, love being creative inspiration for others, but please be respectful of all I've worked so hard for.

For a sneak peek at my kids' latest parties, check out the links below!


Feel free to print this page to help things go more smoothly as you prepare for your upcoming party. This guide is for "normal people"...I honestly start months and months in advance in order to score better deals, avoid rush charges, and so that I am not stressing the week of the party. Adjust the timeline as you see fit!

At least 6 weeks prior to the party:

*Determine your party budget. Even a one year old's party can get out of hand in a hurry.

*Pick a theme with your child. Try to make it something that you BOTH can get excited about!

*Create a guest list.

*Decide where you will throw your party. Reserve a location if you're having it outside of your home.

*Set the date and time for your party. Keep in mind your child's age as well as the ages of the other children attending the party.

*If you plan on having some kind of entertainment, remember to book early! Good entertainers are in high demand.

*Order your invitations. Remember to include how you would like the guests to RSVP to best plan for the number of guests to expect. Ordering matching thank yous will save you a headache later!

*Start looking for an outfit that will compliment your theme for your child. This may be something that you already own, but you will like your pictures better if the outfit doesn't fight with the colors of your party.

*Start thinking about the decorations that would be appropriate for your party venue. Keep in mind the amount of space you have and how you will use each decoration.

At least one month prior to the party:

*Purchase party decorations.

*Send invitations.

*Purchase plates, napkins, cups, silverware, tablecloths, etc. They may take a while if you order them online. Also think of serving trays and bowls and pick up any that you might need.

*Order an rentals that you may need.

At least two weeks prior to the party:

*Order the cake or cupcakes.

* Finalize the menu and make a grocery list. Don't forget the beverages.

*Decide on what you will give for party favors. Assemble them now so that you'll have less to do when the party gets closer.

*Purchase any supplies needed for activities, music, and games that you'll play at the party.

At least one week prior to the party:

*Order balloons.

*Shop for groceries that you can buy ahead of time and make a list of the perishable items you'll need to buy right before the party. Don't forget candles for the cake!

*Contact those who haven't RSVP'd.

*Charge your camera and ask another adult who will be at the party to bring their camera as well. I have NEVER had a party where I myself got the pictures I wanted...I am always too busy running around. Be specific with that person what types of pictures you'd like them to take.

*Confirm all reservations and orders.

The day prior to the party:

*Pick up the cake. (This can also be done the day of, whichever is easiest for you.)

*Confirm all arrangements by phone.

*Shop for all perishable groceries or last minute items. Don't forget beverages!

*Make sure the beverages are refrigerated.


*Lay out all serving trays and silverware. Plan how you will set the food up to best serve your guests and make it easy as possible for you to set up and clean up.

*Set up and decorate a table close to the door with the favors on them. That way you can easily have guests pick one up on their way out.

*Designate a table or spot where guests will put the gifts.

* Lay out clothes for everyone for party day. Then even husbands can help get kids dressed during last minute preperations!!

*Make any food that can be made in advance.

The day of the party:

*Pick up balloons.

*Pick up the cake if you didn't do that yesterday.

*Prepare any food that needs to be made the day of the party.

*Do last minute decorating.

*Set the table.

*Do a last minute once over to make sure things are where you want them.

*TRY to relax and enjoy the party.